8 Digital Media tips to enhance your business in Social Media

Are you ready to take your digital marketing game to the next level? Well, then this is your year to monopolize the digital marketing industry! With over 5+ years of experience, we have decided to share 10 Digital Media Tips which will help you amp up your business on Social Media.


1) Go Compact, Go Mobile!

If your website is still not Mobile Responsive, then that’s the first thing that should be on top of your To-Do list. Thanks to the Global Pandemic – Covid 19, mobile usage has topped the charts by an increase of 70%. That means, humans have evolved into liking things which can be accessed easily. Hence, a mobile-responsive website is MUST.


2) Jump from .JPG to .MP4

Video Marketing has been booming currently and if used in the right way, it can generate a cosmic amount of ROI. Fun Fact, it’s a $135 Billion Industry in the USA alone. These days, static images full of valuable and creative content don’t work as much as videos with valuable and creative scripts. It’s a very impressive way of showing your customers and potential clients of what you’re working on and what you have to provide.


3) Strengthen your Social Media Presence

Displaying your work on Social Media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter till date stays the most important thing when it comes to building your Social Media presence and reaching your audience. Creating and sharing content on these platforms might look tedious, but it is essential since it let’s you evaluate and makes it easier for you to recognise your target audience.


4) Graphic Design is KEY

Content is super important, but Graphic Design also plays a major role. Other than your intriguing content, it’s ideal to maintain an aesthetic profile. What does this mean? It means that for every piece of creative content, there should be a good creative to compliment it. Simple, Sweet and On-Point.


5) Data Analytics

With the digital landscape evolving, many tech junkies have come out with Data Analysis Softwares. Some platforms even have it in-built, like, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. How does it help? It gives you a detailed insight about when your audience is active the most or at what time your content performs the best and an overall performance report of your account. This also helps you in increasing sales and optimizing conversion rates.


6) Building your Brand through Live-Streaming

Going live on your account gives you the advantage of connecting with your target audience/general audience in real-time. Basically, giving your brand a chance to build it’s trust and relation with its audience. Long story short, it gives your brand the chance to generate way more impressions than static/video posts on your feed.


7) Building your Digital Network

Networking websites are a very useful tool when it comes to building your digital network. They help you connect with people worldwide and help you reach the exact audience. Remember, the more the connections on your profile, the more your work gets in the limelight. Hence, increasing sales and ROI.


8) Email & SMS Marketing

This might sound a little old fashioned, but it has the capacity to generate an immense amount of sales. How does that happen? Well, let’s take an example. If Brand A opts for Email Marketing and sends out 100 Cold Emails to its customers and potential clients, there are chances that out of those 100, 30 will open their mails and only about 8-9 will actually read them. Why? That’s because these days even opening emails and reading them has become a task, unless and until you’re super good at multitasking. If Brand B opts for SMS Marketing and sends out 100 Cold Sms’s to its customers and potential clients, there are chances that it will get shown to all the 100, because when you receive an SMS, 95% of the time, it just pops on your face. Out of those 100, 80 might actually read them and 20-25 will click on the link or respond. But, all depends on your Brand, Email Marketing is a very professional way of communicating whereas SMS marketing is a little informal. It’s ideal to come up with a plan where you use both systematically.

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